About Gloria

Gloria SpielmanGloria is a born and bred Londoner. She grew up in Whitechapel, a fascinating part of London. She spent most of her childhood treading the path to and from the famous Whitechapel Library. Not the modern multi-storey Idea Store of today but the old 1892 building where thousands of poor East Enders, immigrants and native born got themselves an education.

On the way to the library she passed Whitechapel Road (the cheapest one on the British Monopoly board), The Whitechapel Bell Foundry (where the Liberty Bell and London’s Big Ben were cast) and the burial site of victims (or so the locals claim) of The 1665 Great Plague of London.

When not reading other people's stories, she was always trying to write her own and ripping up most of them in despair. These days she is still reading and writing but has learnt not to rip up her stories and sadly doesn't live anywhere near a decent library.

Gloria has a BA in Jewish History from University College London and an MA in linguistics from Surrey University. A former high school English teacher, Gloria is now a full time writer. She has written English teaching books and materials and contributed to multi-media English courses. She has published two children’s books.

Gloria and her American-born husband David have five children, no pets and a wonderful collection of books which have gone forth and multiplied into every nook and cranny of their house.