Essential Reads for Young Readers

1-150Janusz Korczak dedicated his life to children. Gloria Spielman's book, Janusz Korczak's Children, introduces young readers to this uniquely caring, giving and heroic doctor.

2-150From the age of five, little Marcel knew he wanted to be a silent actor, just like Charlie Chaplin. World War II came, changing Marcel's life, but it didn't stop his dream of becoming a mime artist and entertaining the world.

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    Of double-decker buses, menswear and an activist-artist           In 1847 London got its first double decker omnibus and Londoners got to see London above eye level. Well not quite. You get what you pay for, ...
  • Gloria Spielman is a children’s author whose latest book Marcel Marceau Master of Mime was a National Jewish Book Award Finalist, a Moonbeam Children’s Book Award Silver Medalist, and a Sydney Taylor Book Awards, Notable Book. Gloria, congratulati...
  • Gloria: How and when did you first become interested in mime?Lorin: I grew up with an interest in acting, and in an age when everybody knew Marcel Marceau's work.  Strangely, I don't really remember what I saw of Marceau when I was young, but ...

About Gloria

gloria-smallGloria spent most of her childhood treading the path to and from London's famous Whitechapel Library, an old 1892 building where thousands of poor East Enders, immigrants and native born got themselves an education.

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School Visits

Gloria loves to visit schools and share with students and teachers the joys of writing. To arrange a school visit please contact Gloria.


Meet Roman Wroblewski

See Gloria's interview with Roman Wroblewski, whose father Misha was a teacher in Korczak’s orphanage.


Writing about Marcel Marceau

Read an interview with the author of Marcel Marceau: Master of Mime. How did she get the idea to write about Marcel Marceau? What was the most interesting thing she learned? And more...